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Post #60: HELP! Writer Needs a New look!

Post #60: HELP! Writer Needs a New Look!

Post #60: HELP! Writer Needs a New look!

It all started out innocently: I wanted a photo of me to put on my ‘about’ page. That, and to have a good one at the ready for the news networks (at least one photo without the trifecta of double chins, adult acne and sweat patches) should anything happen to me. And ladies, you know exactly where this is heading…


I don’t fear bad photos. I just don’t like them. Some people are blessed with photogenicity — yes, that’s a word. They are able to ‘find the light’, ‘smile with their eyes’, and end up with great photos. I, however, am not one of those people. And having gone through every single photo that I could possibly draw from in the last four years, I am left dissatisfied. With nothing that I can even crop to make it look better. Le sigh!

But in the spirit of being open and honest about things, the big fear is not that I don’t have a pretentiously arty photo of myself on my blog. It’s more that I won’t exist in history. I don’t mean some big, world-changing, deeply effectual history of any means or consequence, but just that there simply won’t be any documentation that I did, in fact, exist. I’m always behind the camera, and rarely out front. I document my life and the lives of others from the outside. But what about the inside?

The problem with being comfortable behind the camera is that when you do finally get a shot to be immortalized as you exist in this moment of time, your 15-year-old awkward and goofy self appears, resulting in the type of photos in Exhibit 1. A LOT.

Exhibit 1.

So where is the mature, self-confident woman I am supposed to be now I’ve been welcomed into the 30s club? She appears seldomly, mostly  at work and professional functions (when I can keep my mouth shut so as not to give the game away), but that side of me that I “should” have perfected by now simply doesn’t exist. It’s just daggy old me playing dress ups in suits. On occasion, I feel powerful, confident, ready to tackle the world in a suit. But mostly, I just feel like a fraud when I wear them. What about you?

As I was sorting through all my photos and cringing, I came across one when the Canadian and I were on one of our gourmet eat-fests at the Ferry Building. And it dawned on me: my jeans/t-shirt/sneakers combination with a baseball cap makes me look just like Squints from the Sandlot Kids (and on a side note, did you know that here in the US, the movie was only called the Sandlot? Weird how movies end up with a different title in Australia…).

Jeans, sneakers and t-shirts are so… me. But it gets a little repetitive  — I can’t remember the last time I dressed up. Sometimes, a girl just wants to rock it. Rock it like Wendy Peffercorn, not Squints!

Squints v Me

HELP! This writer need as makeover! With minimal monetary outlay, and instant body improvement.
Can you help?


This is the sixtieth post of the Great Writing Challenge of 2012.
Three times a week for an entire year, I will be writing about life and travel and random subjects . The stipulation: it must be 250 words (or more), and positive in tone.
If you would like to suggest topics for me to write about, please email me at TheRebeccaProject [at] gmail [dot] com.

Post #4: Reality Television

Welcome to the fourth post of the Great Writing Challenge of 2012.
Five days a week for six months, I will be given a topic to write about. The stipulation: it must be 250 words (or more), and positive in tone.
If you would like to suggest topics for me to write about, please email me at therebeccaproject [at] gmail [dot] com.

Post #4: Reality Television

I must confess: I love Reality TV. Well, most of it. There’s some that I will never like (read: Jersey Shore), and some that is just lame (anything to do with tattoos/towing cars/hunting for antiques). But there are some shows that I absolutely love. Well, enough to set a series recording on my DVR.

One of my favorite shows is Project Runway. I seriously love that show, and it’s because these people have talent. They can construct an entire outfit, sometimes two, in a day. Having taken about a week solid to construct a sack dress recently, I could not be more impressed. The show does not reward mediocrity.

Fashion isn’t really my thing, and I’m not going to be a designer. Yet I find myself drawn to the aspirational aspect of the show. If you have talent, dedication, creative flair, superb time management skills, are assertive, good at mediation and a competent leader, you’ll go far in Project Runway. The winner is generally all of those things and more, which is so much more rewarding than watching the Snookis or J-Wowws of the world.

But they make me think more about how I project myself when I step out the door in the morning. Perhaps not necessarily what Heidi Klum had in mind, but hey.

Now putting together an outfit and when I go shopping for clothes, I follow some of the rules I have learned from Project Runway: construction, fabric, fit, and presentation. I have stopped buying the wrong things for my shape, and for my size, and I’m phasing them out of my wardrobe. I only buy what I love, and accentuate my perfections. I am trying to be the best I can be, and also have that show on the exterior.

And I have Project Runway to thank for my education in such matters I had previously dismissed as flighty nonsense. I get it, Nina. I don’t like having big pockets, either, now that I know they emphasize the width of my hips.

Link love

Upon doing my weekly catch-up of blogs, I stumbled across this on A Cup of Jo. The American and I laughed our butt off over this, because it’s spot on.

How Women See Colour v How Men See Colour

How women see colour v how men see colour

[Source: +GoldRush+, via A Cup of Jo]

In other blog love, I am IN LOVE with these images from artist Howard Schatz. I have always adored anything that’s ballet-inspired, and these underwater studies are unbelievable. The bloke’s a genius.

Colour palette of ladies

[Source: Howard Schatz via Thoughtful Day]

Beauty personified

[Source: Howard Schatz]

And you know when something makes it to Jeopardy, there’s no denying its existence. We were happy being ostriches about a certain reality TV show, but apparently, you need to at least know who the characters in Jersey Shore are in order to answer questions. So we watched some.

It. Was. The. Most. Horrendous. Show. I. Have. Ever. Seen. And I agree with this sentiment completely:

I hate the Jersey Shore. And you can quote me on that.

[Source: Abby Sharp via The Daily Dawdle]

It’s sad. I can never get those minutes back…

I heart Illustrators

Back when I was a wee little thing attending a small girls school in Sydney, I always envied my classmate, Elizabeth, and her natural propensity for drawing. What she created was amazing — my stick figures just paled in comparison to her masterpieces.

Subsequently, I can honestly say I’ve always had a soft spot for illustration as an art form after seeing her at work (and seeing how difficult it is to replicate). And she was so cool for many other reasons, but I specifically remember she had the greatest stash of Japanese stationary (including heaps of KeroKeroKeroppi stuff, that was worth some serious cache in the playground in 1993). I hope she still lets her art take her places, because she has an enormous talent.

So when it comes to searching for interesting cards or reproductions to give as gifts, I really value the slightly quirky. For me, it’s not about making an illustration lifelike, it’s more about giving them character, a soul that extends beyond the page.  But I’m a sucker for anything that marries quirky with corny (Pear-fect, anyone? Mwhahaha)…

Here’s some of my favourite illustrators I’ve found on the web recently:

Lisa Stubbs


I am currently loving anything in shades of blue

[Source: Lisa Stubbs]  {via Where the Lovely Things Are}

Gemma Correll

Wouldn't this print be marvellous to wake up to each morning?

A woman after my own heart...

[Source: Gemma Correll]

Lisa Congdon

Such a sweet proposition


[Source: Lisa Congdon]

Nan Lawson

Such beautiful melancholy

The Sad Eyed Lady

[Source: Nan Lawson]

Who are some of your favourite illustrators? And why do you like their work?


Colour, colour, colour

I have been living in the Bay Area for just over a year now, and I’ve really enjoyed witnessing the full rotation of the seasons: Autumn had beautiful yellows and ambers and browns, the Winter – soft blues and greys, Spring – a verdant green with pinks and lilacs, and Summer is currently full of dry golden grasses, a muted blue sky and white clouds.
I really love it here.

One of the newest contributors to the greatest design blog on the web, Design*Sponge, is Lauren Willhite. She’s a Graphic Designer based in Portland, Oregon, and her blog, Color Collective is a treasure trove of loveliness. It’s been years now, but I’m still really gravitating toward the blue/green/grey combinations, with pops of warm colour like yellow and orange.

Greens, blues, soft hues

[Source: Color Collective]

I love this combination because the greens and blues are balances out with the warmer tones of yellow, orange and bone. And how cool would it be to paint a room more than three colours?

I'd love my world painted like this!

[Source: Color Collective]

This above is quite possibly my favourite pallette out of all the ones I have featured. I love the ‘pop’ the orange gives this work without dominating the blue and green tones and the yellow-based neutral. Compliments it perfectly. Splendid!

The slighty muted tones relax and inspire

[Source: Color Collective]

I love the inclusion of a deep, rich grey in this colour palette above. And I adore the ethereal quality of the photographs, too.

Why not use all of these colours?

[Source: Color Collective]

By using the pink and purple alongside the blues and green, it feels slightly more whimsical, and high energy.

Oranges and periwinkles

[Source: Color Collective]

And I included this one because I responded to it. I love the periwinkle walls we have at the moment, and love it balanced with the warm oranges instead of the pops of red we currently have.

I love the resource Lauren offers designers, artists and others like me through Color Collective. Would be a great place to stop by and have a poke around when you’re next deciding on colours for paint, projects, etc.

What colours are currently inspiring you?
What colour palette would you choose if you were to revamp your space?


Currently obsessed with: Land Carpets

Loving these ‘Land Carpets‘ (otherwise known as rugs), that are inspired by satellite images of various landscapes.  I adore flying over places such as New Zealand and Ireland, as they offer such breathtaking patterns and colours below of the of fields and farms and homes, and Florian Pucher has brought the joy of flying over far-off destinations right to your living room floor.

They’re made from New Zealand wool, with each design being handtufted and limited to 88 pieces.  If I had between $1200 (for the USA, Africa and Europe versions) and $2100 (for the Netherlands), I’d already have it underfoot.  Nevertheless, LOVE!

Land Carpet: USA

Land Carpet: Europe

Land Carpet: The Netherlands

[Source: Florian Pucher] {via Lost&Fawned}