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Post #47: This is Hardcore.

Post #47: This Is Hardcore.


Post #47: This is Hardcore.

Last night, the American and I went to see Pulp at the Warfield. I’d never been to the venue before, and it’s a little bigger than the Enmore Theatre in Sydney and a little more run down. Just the way I like it.

I was a Pulp fan as a teen, growing up awkward in suburban Sydney. And seeing them live was pure and heavenly and indescribable. Here’s a review of the gig, because I can only use superlatives right now (and that can get a little tiresome).


The vibe in the Warfield was incredible, and I consciously soaked up every moment of the gig. Pulp sounded amazing live. And Jarvis Cocker? YES.

My memories evoke a physical sensation on my skin, and the closest I have ever come to feeling it in real life is swimming in a geothermal pool. I spent much of last night feeling that same sensation. Whenever I hear ‘Disco 2000′, it takes me back to 1995/1996. It’s such a trip to have a memory bank from that long ago, and it feels like yesterday… Back then, I thought the year 2000 was The Future. I had so much yet to experience, and was impatient for all of it.

Not much has changed. I’m still as impatient as ever.
And I still love Pulp.

I was so fortunate to have the means and opportunity to see Pulp this time around.


Welcome to the forty-seventh post of the Great Writing Challenge of 2012.
Five days a week for six months, I will be given a topic to write about. The stipulation: it must be 250 words (or more), and positive in tone.
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A Heartfelt Congratulations is in Order

This week, I heard some most fabulous news:
Craig and Jas are getting married!


The happy couple in Napa.

I am so unbelievably happy for them, and really appreciated the fact that Craig took the extra five minutes to share the happy news with me personally. That was really special. There’s only been eight weeks of my life when he wasn’t in it, the height difference has evened out (I think now he even wins by a few centimetres), and he’s someone I miss heaps living so far away.  It was just a wonderful piece of news, and certainly more inspiring than murders, arraignments and burning bodies that I spent the rest of the day dealing with.

I have not yet heard all the impressive details of the question-popping, but I can tell you it involved my favourite country on earth, New Zealand, and jumping from great heights.

Craig and me: hot Aussie summers playing in our Wall Avenue backyard. The height difference has been corrected, but I'm sure he can still pull off a kimono better than any.

So to Craig:
I have so many great memories of growing up with you, and it’s times like these I want to be there with you to give you a big ol’ hug, and do our own interpretation of “Friday Night Drinkies” to celebrate. You were the first person I told about James, and we were the last stop on your Summer Camp before you told me Jas sashayed romantically into your life.

I adore both of you. You’ve picked a total winner in Jas, and I wish you all the happiness in the world. That, and the biggest box of dress ups we can find.