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What’s More American than Guns? (Pt 2)

I received specific instructions from the Range Master to be early. Not on time, but early. He knew me too well.

I left for the range at the crack of sparrows. I was running late, no breakfast, wet hair. I pulled out of the driveway and drove against the traffic whilst listening to the dulcet tones of Ira Glass.


Back in California

Little has changed in the Bay Area since I’d been gone — aside from┬árents that have increased exponentially, something everyone complains about on a daily basis here. And really, the rents are ridiculous. Getting settled always takes longer than anticipated.┬áBut I knew what to expect. I’ve taken plenty of walks, shot plenty of time lapse down by the bay. Started my new job. Mapped out the new projects for 2015. Taken a roadtrip up the coast. Reconnected with old friends. Started to catch up on the overdue obligations. It’s a interesting time. It’s still home. One of my homes. And it’s nice to be back.

Life, Currently.

Just back from a walk around the neighbourhood. This is what the North Pond looked like last week. This week has been endless grey days with rain, sleet and fog. Still smarting from our Christmas package being stolen by some arsehole in our building. I found a Australian Rugby jersey last night in the laundry room. Still with the tags on. Trying to locate its owner (but I’m thinking it may have been in another package that was stolen and discarded?). The American found someone’s iPhone in the snow on Clark Street. The owner is coming to pick it up. Good karma. Listening religiously to Camera Obscura and Boy. Happy the Aussies regained the Ashes so decisively. Off to work at my part-time job that has suddenly become a six-day-a-week weight around my neck for the next few weeks. Looking forward to the 6am shift on Boxing Day! Really homesick right now. A friend sent me this link and so I just listen to this and have a good cry, pull myself together and get …