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Introducing our new short film — ‘Neon San Francisco: SFO’

Here’s the next installment in our ‘Neon San Francisco’ series called ‘SFO’. It’s three minutes and fourteen seconds of love for one of our favourite airports in the world.

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The American's view from the game.

The Start of the Baseball Season and of Something New

I switched on the TV and the lounge room flooded with the familiar voices of Kruk and Kuip. The channel was already set to FOX Sports so without even searching for it, I was plugged in to the SF Giants – my World Series-winning baseball team. I was overjoyed to see the boys, the ballpark, the Bay, thecity. I felt a pang of home-sickness.

Feet up, baseball on.

Feet up, baseball on. The view from my end.

Local boy Brandon Crawford was warming up in the on-deck circle and I settled in to enjoy the last two innings. Soon, I was feeling a little less excited and more melancholy. It’s the sadness that comes when you’re away from the one you love. I knew he was at the game: he’d sent me a photo earlier from the third deck. And half a world away, I, too, was at the game.

The American's view from the game.

The American’s view from the game.

For the past few days  returning to the Bay Area has been at the forefront of my mind. And the universe always seems to send little messages: catching this baseball game was more along the lines of

‘We miss you, too. Life goes on without you, but it’d be better if you were here. We’ll keep doing what we’re doing, and look forward to your return’.

I’m back in a handful of weeks, and checking the days off on my handmade calendar.

The handmade post-it calendar, blu-tacked to the wall.

The handmade post-it calendar, blu-tacked to the wall.

New news

So it would seem most of you either thought I’d checked myself in to a facility, decided to get a divorce or just wandered out into the Tasman Sea, never to be heard from again. I’m happy to report none of the above is true.

My time has been more than accounted for, with two uni classes, training for a race in San Francisco, meeting with friends, and working very hard on a project for a client set to launch in June. It’s such an exciting job and I’m so fortunate to be working with one of the most talented and professional designers around. It has also been quite the learning curve and am so very lucky to have a client that puts total faith in us to produce something incredible. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Riding CityRail trains for fun.

Riding CityRail trains for fun. Makes BART look like amateur hour.

New blogs

In other news, I was so pleased to have my snapshot feature on Jill’s blog, Battered Suitcases, this week!  I have really enjoyed reading about her adventures around Australia recently (I haven’t visited the Big Merino since 1986!) and particularly love her section on novelty snacks. It’s something the American and I do when we go travelling, too.

I love stumbling upon new blogs, and finding real like-minded people. Do you have any good ones to share with me?

My brother even bought me a present: the newest Sim City, with a German Cities expansion pack. Be surprised if you hear from at all!

My brother even bought me a present: the newest Sim City, with a German Cities expansion pack. Be surprised if you hear from me at all!

New music

I have barely oscillated from the Belle & Sebastian / Pulp / the Beatles fad I’ve been on for about two months. But this week, I found something new via a friend on Twitter. The song is ‘Royals’ and is by a young Kiwi girl called Lorde. I’ve played it 30 times at least. It’s super catchy!

New buns

Babies are what is happening in Sydney right at this moment. So much so, I’m certain there’s something in the water (and my friend, C, calls it H2Grow. Ha!). But it’s all rather exciting.

I even gave up a chance to see the unfurling of the Sydney Swans’ 2012 Premiership flag at the Swans game (tear!) to have lunch with two of my closest friends. I guessed they had some news for me, and it turns out my instincts were right. I was so happy to share it with them! Baby G will be here in September.

Is there a better way to share good news than over pizza? probably not. Pizza from the Clock & Oyster.

Is there a better way to share good news than over pizza? Probably not. Pizza from the Clock & Oyster.

New travels

In a few short weeks, I’m heading back to the US via Singapore. I am really looking forward to returning ‘home’, to see the American and to start our next adventure.

But it’s also bittersweet, because arriving in one home means leaving another. It’s going to be much harder than I imagined. I have really bonded with people, and my family and I have become so close in this short space of time. It’s been such a wonderful adventure, and I am so lucky to have been able to do this. I have much more to say on this matter, so I’ll compose my thoughts and save it for next time.

Life’s good.


Notes on an Engagement

Tonight, two of the greatest people in the world stood up in front of their friends and family and formally announced their commitment to each other. There were fancy cocktails, jugs of Pimms and Mediterranean antipasto plates. Dresses, gravity defying hairdos, half-dancing and big hugs. It was a night to celebrate love and the momentous decision of forever. And it could not have been more perfect.

Friends from all of the various circles the happy couple runs in were represented, including some teammates from the days of UNSW softball. Being back with them, calling them by their softball-specific nicknames, and reliving old Australian Unigames adventures was so energising. It felt as though we were speaking our own language. I barely made it around the people I knew before I called it a night.

Over the years, I’d shared a good amount of time with both families after crashing on their couches. It was touching to hear both fathers reveal their softer sides, and how welcoming they are of the official alliance between the Harris’ and the Hodges. Mums Hodge and Harris baked phenomenal cupcakes for the occasion and were great conversationalists.


“If you gamble everything for love, you’re gonna be alright.
– Ben Lee

As I drove home, I couldn’t help think about how surreptitious life can be. These two independent women were once unknown to each other. But they took a gamble and said yes to love, yes to the adventure. And I’m so pleased they did! It has taken them all over the world, through multiple degrees, new jobs, saving for an apartment, the purchase of valuable Sydney property, the renovation of said apartment, and to adopting an adorable Corgi mix, Dudley.

For over a decade, these ladies have been such an important part of my life, and are still very special to me. They’re the type of friends I can go years without seeing (being that we live on entirely different continents) but we kick off exactly where we left off. No need for explanations or side notes. Now that’s a good ol’ fashioned friendship.

Seeing them together makes me smile. My heart filled with joy when I heard the question had been popped and that the recipient said yes. Their love is tender, respectful, honest, elevating. They treat each other with kindness and are not afraid to disagree. They complement each other perfectly. So it was marvellous to see the overflowing goodwill towards them tonight.

There’s something special about making it ‘official’. And I can’t wait to see how the next phase will play out for them.

One Tree Hill

I Left my Heart in San Francisco

Obscured By Clouds


I was sixteen when I first laid eyes on The City, and I have loved it everyday since. The thrill, the freedom, the excitement of a big city, and the appeal of a foreign city. It was my first taste of independence, even though I was on a school trip with 29 other students, and chaperoned by my maths teacher.

San Francisco was the first port of call, and it’s where I left my heart. I told my parents of my plan to live there. And a little over a decade later, I returned to San Francisco to make it my home. It’s something I am really happy to have achieved.

Wake Up[Source]

The city is physically beautiful, but if you’ve been reading this blog, I’m sure you’re already aware of this (like here, here and here). Some of my favourite parts of the city are the pristine hills of Marin provide the perfect background to a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day, and the silence of the office buildings downtown on a Sunday afternoon. You’re never short of a crackpot (or four) in the city, and there is always  parades, protests, or police activity. You can tell which nation’s diplomats are in town by the flags waving in the omnipresent wind outside the St Francis Hotel.

But I left San Francisco. I left because I needed a change – a change of scenery from the frantic pace of living right downtown, and the space in my timetable to work on other projects. I had enough of the sirens at all hours of the night, of not having a convenient place to buy groceries, of lacking that real ‘neighbourhood’ feel that makes the rest of San Francisco fascinating. It had become old, tired, claustrophobic. But in retrospect, that may have just been me.



Everyday, I think about returning to the city I love. Spending evening eating sushi with friends, weaving myself into the story of their lives, and having them in mine. Of spending time with family — football games, baseball games, graduations. Dreams of eating cheese on a lazy Sunday afternoon in Cole Valley, people watching on the Marina Green, or enjoying a fruity ale and fancy pizza in the Inner Richmond. I imagine the opportunities that await me in a city bursting with energy and creativity.

I don’t know if the next step will be returning to San Francisco for good. But I do find that it’s the one place my heart yearns for, particularly when I see these photos from Phototropic, a Frenchman who has made his home in the Bay Area.

For Successful Living

No Parking


Beware of Dog

One Tree Hill

Let's Go Giants!



*All photos by Phototropic. I highly recommend you pay his site a visit.

Love, Dublin-style.

Post #74: Love in Dublin

For a time, I lived in Dublin, Ireland. It was such an exciting time in my life. I’d just fallen in love – hard – with an American who had deep Irish roots. I was living light years away from family and friends, in a country famed for their storytelling and craic. We were incredibly poor, but happy.

One of the most beautiful sculptures I have ever seen. I adore their expressions and the fact the female is standing on her tippy toes. D2, Dublin, Ireland.

But part of the difficulties of falling in love with a foreign national are the visa hassles. I left the grey skies of Dublin to spend 90 days with the American’s family in the US, and then returned to the city where I started my original adventure. Alone. It was so interesting to return for a few months and explore the city as a woman, alone, and in love.

Love, Dublin-style.

I was looking through some of my photos from this period, and I really sought out the love in Dublin.
I noticed it in the beautiful orange leaves that decorated the locks.
I saw it in the rare sunrises over Sandymount beach.
In the sculptures.
The families of ducks in St Stephens Green.
In graffiti.

Yes. You are beautiful.

It was a beautiful time in my life.

Post #64: A Week In Photos

Post #64: A Week in Photos

Post #64: A Week In Photos

I’ve said it before, and no doubt, I’ll be revisiting this again. I love using Instagram. I love how accessible it is, and love that it makes me think about composition and light and aspect. I love how it inspires me to look for beauty in moments that would otherwise appear mundane. Also, I love using the filters that harken back to the days of film. Plenty of love all around for this app.

So here’s a few moments from my week (I’ll be truthful — it’s more like weeks) as shared on Instagram.

Rose trellis entryway. Laurel Heights, SF.

The Canadian and I took a culinary adventure out in the Inner Richmond, and we enjoyed walking through Laurel Heights to get there. A beautiful part of the world, albeit a little pricey for my blood. Nevertheless, it’s fun to explore.

Dock water and algae. Alameda, CA.

I took up an offer from a friend to spend the day out on the Bay on her mate’s boat. How could I say no?

The Bay Bridge and downtown SF.

… and what a marvellous day it turned out to be! Life on a boat. I should be doing this more often.

Some beautiful Victorians. The Panhandle, SF.

We’ve taken some long walks to Golden Gate Park and back, exploring Nopa, the Panhandle, Inner Richmond, the Avenues, Lower Haight and Japantown. Even on days when I’m feeling grumpy, just being outside exploring new streets and admiring the distinctive architecture found in San Francisco perks me up.

A Victorian row. The Panhandle, SF.

Flying the Levis flag: a local take on planters. Fulton Street, SF.

We passed on home on Fulton Street that had a hilarious take on planters. The one with the kinked leg on the end made me laugh out loud. Love the sense of humour.

Specialty’s. Montgomery Street Station, SF.

Deep ponderings at the bakery on a Tuesday morning. Who IS Rebecca?

Happy 4th! Even my pancakes get the patriotic treatment!

Even my pancakes get the patriotic treatment on the 4th of July. We ate them and listened to the boom of fireworks outside on the bay (and from the guy who lives opposite dropping them out the window).

Wall art. Lake Merritt Station, Oakland, CA.

I see these interesting tiles on the wall of the station each day. Mint green, and in need of a good wash. I dig them.

Like? Love? Hmmm….

I bought these sick sneakers from Loehman’s the other day. They’re comfy as hell, but the jury’s still out. I think they’re a little too flashy for me, My current Pumas don’t have laces. And I am lazy…

Typeface love. Near Aquatic Park, SF.

San Francisco is full of artists and designers, and people really care about typefaces. Anywhere else that may come across as wanky, but not here. It’s completely legit. Yet another reason I love it here. {group hug!}

A rare sunny summer day in San Francisco.

And last weekend, I was able to take a short break from my campaign work to get out in the warm sunshine on a rare fog-free Sunday in the city. It didn’t last too long, but long enough to enjoy. You can see the fog making an entrance over near Coit Tower on the right…

Photo Bomb

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