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Preparing for the First Snowfall

The descent into winter has been swift. Days alternate between brilliant blue skies and grey, moody. The only constant seems to be the steady fall of the mercury. Chicago seems to have different faces depending upon the seasons, the weather and its overall mood.


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Why hello, Seattle!

Why hello, Seattle!
And what do you have in store for our long-long-weekend now that the Annual Report is off at the printers?

Looks to be a true Pacific Northwest experience

Looks like we’re in for some true Pacific Northwest weather!

(And yes, I still operate in degrees celcius).

Any tips for places to eat, things to see?

An Open Letter to San Francisco

Dear San Francisco,

I would like to wear shorts this weekend, even if that means I have to shave my legs. I would just like to feel the sun on my skin… So if you wouldn’t mind telling the fog to bugger off for a day or two, I’d be most appreciative.