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Post #48: Pancakes

  I am writing an Annual Report. And at the moment, it sometimes feels as though I’m not even present in my own life, but I’m achieving things, so it all evens out. Happy days! I eat pretty poorly when I am flat chat, so thank christ for Food Dates with the Canadian! Otherwise all of the pictures below would feature pancakes and poppy-seed bagels. So here’s my week in food: When I can’t decide what to make for dinner (or I just can’t be arsed), I opt for pancakes. Currently, we’re on a Krusteaz Blueberry craze. And they taste so much better when you add food coloring. If I had my way, I’d eat breakfast for all my meals. And, yes, I am six years old. Tasty Wasabi Tofu Curry with a side of black rice from my new local, the Unicorn. If I were all about using ridonkulous words, ‘amazeballs’ would be my word of choice for this dish. But I am not, and I don’t. So it’s just damn tasty. YUM! Last …

Fall inspiration

Fall inspiration by therebeccaproject featuring a black necklace Dorothy Perkins navy dress£50 – Carven merino wool sweater$560 – Knit cardigan$60 – H M button shirt£35 – French Connection striped shirt£32 – H M boat neck shirt£13 – H m cardigan£9.99 – Old Navy pea coat$60 – Camper190 CAD – Skirts and Dresses: New Arrivals | Athleta$44 – GAP tall khaki pants$50 – Levi’s levi jeans$36 – H M knee length skirt£30 – Legging£14 – Camper boots$209 – CAMPER ballerina flat140 CAD – J Crew ballerina flat$110 – Puma shoes$65 – Ballerina flat$59 – Chain necklace$50 – Club Manhattan black necklaceā‚¬20 –