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Radvent 2010 – Day 2: Organising

Sooooo, I’m a little late with these, but better late than never, right?

Today, I’m focusing on getting parts of my life in order so I allow some time for joy and creativity.


Focus on one drawer, table, or surface today and spend 15 minutes making it pretty! (And take a pretty picture afterward to motivate yourself!)

We have a pretty large closest for our little room in the sky here in San Francisco, and it tends to be the least loved part of our apartment. So tonight, I set about changing all that.

Before #1

We have a great layout here: we can walk through the closet and into the bathroom from the hallway (which can prove very confronting to those utilizing the loo, so we installed a curtain for privacy). But as you can see from these pictures, there’s not a lot of actual walking through that has been happening in here of late.


Before #2 -- I see floor!

I really haven’t focused any energy on making this part of my home more practical and functional, and I knew that I would enjoy heading back there to get dressed in the morning, if I could only find the stuff I needed with the minimal of fuss.


Before #3


Before #4 - no wonder I can never find my undies!

So I removed all of the stuff from the floor out into the hallway and set about reworking the function of the space.

Now, I’ve never been a neat person, but I hope to stick to a plan of giving it a good ol’ once-over whenever I do the laundry. This whole process is not about making promises I can’t keep, but making it work for me. And I don’t believe it will be too difficult to maintain…

After #1 - Impressive, huh?

So I removed all the undies, socks, tights and bras out of that horrible little overflowing cubbyhole there, reunited them with their own kind and then put them in separate bags on the rather unsteady white Ikea shelf we formerly had in the kitchen (to the left of the photo). I finally put those small reusable shopping bags from Lulu Lemon and Whole Foods to good use, and it is a great budget-friendly option.

After #2 - It's as neat as a Contrainer Store closet!

I went through and separated out the clothes in the red cubbyhole into more practical groupings, as well as reorganizing my shoes on the shoe racks underneath. I even went as far as colour-coding the handful of clothes hanging up… bless!

After #3 with a colour system for my scarves

Since I moved here, I have been very conscious of only buying things I really love, and it’s all starting to come together. I’ve never had effortless style, but by only purchasing/keeping pieces that I love, I’ll always feel great.

My shoes, in particular, reflect this. If I can’t walk to the Ferry Building and back in a pair without them causing me grief, they’re gone. I will not stand for impracticality in footwear!

After #4

I love going back there and admiring the fruits of my labour and feel like I have accomplished tonight.

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