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Radvent 2010 – Day 6: Adventuring

Day Six of Radvent 2010 is all about Adventuring.

Abandon your to-do list and go somewhere else. Somewhere new. Somewhere you have wanted to explore. Bring a camera and take a picture to celebrate the moment when you abandoned anxiety and insecurity, embraced imagination and opportunity, and let life unfold.


The best part about living in the city of San Francisco is that so much of it is still new to me. I have been fortunate to venture out of my little five block radius (to and from BART) through our urban hikes and through meeting people who know different parts of town.

Leslie has introduced me to the Mission — the joys of the Candystore Collective (16th Street) and of Honey Lavender ice cream at the amazing Bi-Rite Creamery (18th Street @ Delores). With Mary, we’re slowly but surely are tasting all the brew houses and sushi houses in town.

On our days off, the American and I have taken to doing ‘urban hikes’ to explore different parts of the city, because even though he’s originally from the Bay Area, he’s an East Bay boy.

I make a point to walk a different way home as often as we can, which means that I’m always seeing new things: new graffiti, new homeless people shouting at me in the Tenderloin, new buildings.

Last week, I took a walk down to Hayes Valley to drop off some Feisty Elle inventory at a beautiful boutique, Lavish.

Lavish in Hayes Valley -- bring yer wallets!

I took a walk around the tree-lined San Francisco streets and marvelled at the window displays — they’re all so beautiful, and artfully presented. It was a real treat (having come through the Tenderloin!).

Hayes Valley -- the SF equivalent of a bougie Brunswick Street (minus the cool cafes)

I'm a sucker for red doors...

On my way back, I decided to get myself a library card at the San Francisco Public Library, something I have been intending to do for about five months. Better late than never, right? I fell in love with the ceiling in the atrium at first sight. Amazing!

Beautiful, even on a foggy day!

I am a proud member of the SF Public Library, and decided to give ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen another shot. I absolutely hated Austen at school (and particularly this book), so I thought I’d reread it and see if/how my opinions have altered. It’s been a good decade!

The Flagpole outside the Town Hall

What's SF without a mirrored egg outside a beauty school?


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