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Post #4: Reality Television

Welcome to the fourth post of the Great Writing Challenge of 2012.
Five days a week for six months, I will be given a topic to write about. The stipulation: it must be 250 words (or more), and positive in tone.
If you would like to suggest topics for me to write about, please email me at therebeccaproject [at] gmail [dot] com.

Post #4: Reality Television

I must confess: I love Reality TV. Well, most of it. There’s some that I will never like (read: Jersey Shore), and some that is just lame (anything to do with tattoos/towing cars/hunting for antiques). But there are some shows that I absolutely love. Well, enough to set a series recording on my DVR.

One of my favorite shows is Project Runway. I seriously love that show, and it’s because these people have talent. They can construct an entire outfit, sometimes two, in a day. Having taken about a week solid to construct a sack dress recently, I could not be more impressed. The show does not reward mediocrity.

Fashion isn’t really my thing, and I’m not going to be a designer. Yet I find myself drawn to the aspirational aspect of the show. If you have talent, dedication, creative flair, superb time management skills, are assertive, good at mediation and a competent leader, you’ll go far in Project Runway. The winner is generally all of those things and more, which is so much more rewarding than watching the Snookis or J-Wowws of the world.

But they make me think more about how I project myself when I step out the door in the morning. Perhaps not necessarily what Heidi Klum had in mind, but hey.

Now putting together an outfit and when I go shopping for clothes, I follow some of the rules I have learned from Project Runway: construction, fabric, fit, and presentation. I have stopped buying the wrong things for my shape, and for my size, and I’m phasing them out of my wardrobe. I only buy what I love, and accentuate my perfections. I am trying to be the best I can be, and also have that show on the exterior.

And I have Project Runway to thank for my education in such matters I had previously dismissed as flighty nonsense. I get it, Nina. I don’t like having big pockets, either, now that I know they emphasize the width of my hips.

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