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Post #67: SF Half Marathon

Post #67: SF Half Marathon

Today, I witnessed something inspiring. In the cold, damp San Francisco summer morning, I saw the Canadian push herself harder than she ever has before: 13.1 miles of pushing. Her first half marathon ever. Half MARATHON. And she triumphed.

With so much exuberance and joy surrounding me in Golden Gate Park today, it was infectious. You could have signed me up for the next marathon on the spot!

My friend, the Canadian, is a winner.

The Canadian in action.

The Canadian has worked hard, real hard. She has modified her life to get healthy and committed herself to boot camp at ridiculous o’clock in the morning. She ran up and down the Oakland Hills with an 18-pound weight vest on in sweltering conditions. She ran rings around Tiburon, and got lost on trails full of mountain lions at the Lafayette Reservoir. And she looks good. Healthy, fit, and full of vitality. I am really proud of her commitment to this goal, and for completing it.

The SF Marathon App was a fantastic resource I used in the lead up to, and during the race. It listed the route the runners were taking, news, results, and schedules. The best part about it was the tracking feature. A marvellous benefit for spectators like myself, because it enabled me to track the Canadian’s progress in real-time. When it comes to tech stuff, San Francisco is the real deal.

I salute you, Canadian, for inspiring me to push myself to do something like this.

Her first half marathon under her belt, with another scheduled for November.

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