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Help! I’m stuck on Koh Samui without Power!

Koh Samui, Thailand.

Koh Samui, Thailand.


Hello dear readers,

I am currently stuck on Koh Samui without power. We’re in our fourth day of it, and I am using what is remaining of our bonus 2 hour generator time. It’s 5:41 am.

It feels as though we’re on an episode of Survivor: there’s no water for showers or the toilets because the pumps are run on electricity. The meat and dairy are rotting away in the restaurants and convenience stores without sufficient refrigeration. But Koh Samui is an island paradise, and I could be in a far worse place to spend time away from my gadgets and whatnot.

We hope to be leaving here soon and heading up to Bangkok. It’s a trek, and one that will get us into the capital at about 5am on Sunday morning.

I have plenty planned for you, but hope you can hold on just a few more days until we can get somewhere with power (and AC!). I promise you that it’ll be worth it.

You never quite know what life will throw at you!



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