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Merry Christmas!

Here’s a little song the American wrote to celebrate the silly season. But beware: it’s catchy!

So, it’s Christmas Day here in Chiang Mai and it was a pretty low-key day. I wasn’t able to fall asleep until the sun rose. By the time I awoke, the UN Bakery was fresh out of baguettes and French loaves, but was bursting at the seams with mince pies. I returned with the last four bread rolls and chocolate croissants to enjoy with our powdered coffee for the celebratory breakfast at 2pm. We’ve been getting up in the PM since we arrived here, and have (so far) been unable to readjust our schedule.

As we had brekkie, I skyped with my family who were winding down after a busy day with the relatives in Sydney. It’s days such as these that I am lucky to be living in an age where we can connect instantly, visually, with those we love. Just seeing my family, sitting around the dining table, and chewing the fat about the day and plans for the holidays was so wonderful. I miss them enormously, and I am really starting to rethink this whole travelling for Christmas thing we’ve opted for…  I’m really looking forward to chatting with the North American contingent in an hour or so.

Christmas in Chiang Mai Pt 2

This evening, we took a stroll around Chiang Mai. On the way past Thapae Gate, we stopped to have a peek at the markets and food stalls and concerts celebrating the New Year. A young girl was performing traditional a Thai dance in an elaborate costume. The Thai Post Office had a stall and was selling postcards: a perfect opportunity for me to get all those postcards I have already written, mailed. We wandered around for a little, then continued on past the nightclubs and their ‘friendly ladies’, to the Night Markets.

As per tradition (one that started when we were in Germany last year when everything else was closed), we had Christmas Dinner at Pizza Hut. So American, right? And now, I can hardly move. All of that doughy goodness! It was a welcome change from the vege fried rice /pad thai combo we have each night.

Christmas in Chiang Mai

And I hope you had a great Christmas, or are in the process of having a good one.


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