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Snapshot: Culinary Adventures in Chiang Mai

Here’s a quick snapshot of what our meals have looked like since we set down our packs in Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand:

We wake up late here in Chiang Mai. Our main meal of the day is breakfast, and that usually happens anywhere between 2 and 4pm. For the first meal of the day, I start it with a cuppa tea, the American with coffee. We like to eat eggs on toast, or croissants with fruit, or a bowl of fruit, yoghurt and muesli.

Chiang Mai food 2

Dinner has tended to be something Thai or Indian, somewhere within the Old Town. I have a favourite Indian place that makes a spicy dum aloo (potato curry) with garlic naan.

My favourite restaurant is the Bam Boo Cafe on Ratvithi Road: I love the vibe, the food and the liveliness. The hostess, Thom, is a dead-set riot. She has one of those infectious personalities and loves connecting people. She’s fascinating to watch when in full-flight. I love their vegetable fried rice, and usually pair it with a mango and lime fruit shake. Occasionally, we’ll stop by one of the street vendors making rotees for dessert — banana pancakes with chocolate sauce and a touch of condensed milk on top. Yum!

Chiang Mai food

Food here is pretty cheap, but it can be a gamble — you never really know what you’re going to get. The other day, a lady forgot our order so she just made it up. True story. For those who want hard numbers, this should give you an idea:

  • Fruit shakes – 35 Baht (US$1.15)
  • Vegetable fried rice  – 50 Baht ($1.66)
  • Pad Thai – 50 Baht ($1.66)
  • Banana pancake with chocolate sauce and condensed milk – 20 Baht ($0.66)
  • Dum aloo – 60 Baht ($2)
  • Garlic naan – 40 Baht ($1.33)
  • White rice – 10 Baht ($0.33)
  • Paddle Pop ice cream – 8 Baht ($0.26)
  • Caffè latte – 50 Baht ($1.66)
  • Small baguette – 10 Baht ($0.33)
  • Chang beer – 40 Baht ($1.33)
  • Large pot of tea – 50 Baht ($1.66)
  • Small bottle of Coke Zero – 17 Baht ($0.56)

I just read a post today by Nomadic Matt called 30 coffeehouses to visit in Chiang Mai, that I stumbled upon on Twitter. Looks like I’m going to develop quite the caffeine habit as I make the rounds!

Fresh, handmade rotee from a street vendor in Chiang Mai.

Fresh, handmade rotee from a street vendor in Chiang Mai.


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  2. Ahh it is a good life in Chiang Mai, I do miss it sometimes. Thanks for the shout-out, and have fun trying out all the cafes 🙂

  3. jillacox says

    Stop with the delicious cheap food! My biggest complaint about Australia is that I can barely afford to eat! The price of a full meal with drink in Chiang Mai wouldn’t even buy me a mango here.

    • I hear you! That’s the worst thing about Australia: the price of food. I had a BBQ in November for 6 people and spent about $100 just on food!
      South East Asia has very cheap food, so it’s not so painful for your wallet when you have to eat out for every meal.

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