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Wishing Someone Special a Very Happy Birthday!

My little sister is one of the coolest, most engaging people I know. She’s outdoorsy, athletic and loves a good adventure. She never misses a beat, hurdling all life throws at her with a unique mix of spirit, nonchalance and determination.


Her laugh is infectious and she has a magnetic quality to her: she’s the person you’re instantly drawn to at a party. She’ll make sure you’re introduced to everyone, well fed, and can even educate you on the finer varietals of grape.


But what I particularly love about my sister is her loyalty. This one is no shrinking violet! With sincere convictions, she fights for what she believes in. And she’s generous beyond measure, one of the most selfless people I know.


There’s so much I admire about her. And, even as the elder sibling, I look up to her. I’m just so lucky to be able to call her my sister.

Happy Birthday, Neschka!

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