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Today My Grandma is 90

Today is my Grandma’s 90th birthday. And it’s not everyday you make such a significant birthday and I’m very thankful I am at home to celebrate with her. In a few hours, we’re going to be having a high tea for her.


I was allotted the task of compiling the photos to display at the event. And I came across some amazing ones from the family archives — it was wonderful seeing all the photos of her as a young girl, new bride and new mother.


L-R: Grandpa, Elvie (Grandma’s little sister), Grandma

One of the things she loved to do back in the day was cruise around in the sidecar of my Grandpa’s motorbike. This is a pic of her lunching on her honeymoon at the Entrance in 1953. I love that she was a bit of a badass in her day, because the only way I’ve ever really seen was as ‘Grandma’.


Happy 90th Grandma! Love you lots.

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