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Ich liebe die Prinzen!

So my husband has been holding out on me. I’ve been with him for half a decade¬† and he’s only JUST told me about Die Prinzen. OH. DEAR. GOD. I am in heaven. Words cannot express. It more than makes up for missing Eurovision last weekend because of crappy US programming. Ich liebe die Prinzen! Kissing is forbidden.

The Dhalies: Pleasing With You EP

Every day I am lucky enough to spend time with my marvellous husband, the American. And whilst I try not to sound like a total braggart, he inspires me. Every single day. He inspires me to create and live the way we want to. Since the American resigned his post as a full-time golf pro, he’s been much happier and life is good. He’s creating a tonne, and has thrown himself into creating as much content as possible for his new (well, newly revamped) website at And so now, to the big news: I wanted to share with you something we (very loosely me, more so the American’s doing) have been working on over the past month or so. The world premiere of our new EP! WOOOO! We’ve called ourselves The Dhalies {DAH-lies}. And this is our first official offering to the music gods, called ‘Pleasing With You’. We recorded this in our living room/bedroom/studio in our box in the sky here in the big City and County of San Francisco. We want to …