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Editing, revising and failing

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was going to be AMAZING, and then it didn’t quite end up as planned? I have had boatloads of these, and tonight has been no exception. I am knee-deep in failed prototypes at the moment, and feel like I am lacking… something.

Sometimes, when I don’t stumble upon the right design the first time, or fourth time, I just feel so disheartened: I have poured hours of time, effort and resources into this! It should be perfect and marvellous and people should stare in wonder! But it’s nowhere near that.

One of the most sage pieces of advice came from J and it’s all about perspective. He knows I have just spent eight or so hours this afternoon actually designing and constructing the prototype, and always has some helpful insight into my work. I seek his advice because I am just too involved, too close to my work… and (again) he’s right. It’s all about perspective.

I feel am on my way to creating something innovative and interesting and something that is the most accurate expression of me as a ‘designer’, in Tim Gunn-speak. Today’s efforts will be just one of the many prototypes I will produce that will fail. And I need to remind myself that’s okay. I am furthering myself, my creative vision and solidifying my skills. It’s not failure in the negative sense of the word: it’s the ability to refine and edit. It’s an opportunity to expand the vision in a new direction. I am one step closer at 10pm than I was at 2pm this afternoon before I had even started.

A failure is an opportunity to innovate. Make it happen!

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