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California girls…

It was a warm, sunny Sunday about six weeks back, when we decided to buy ourselves new rollerblades and associated equipment. Visions of those tanned, fit Californian women who go blading along the path in Venice beach bouncing around my head: to think I, too, could be one of those beautiful California girls the Beach Boys sang about.

Cut to the part where the trail we found ourselves on just up and finished without warning, and I came out second best… I have been laid up for the best part of four weeks, and slowly, my elbow is recovering.  I still can’t rotate my arm outwards nor come close to straightening it, but each day I work towards not remaining injured through exercise and massage. I’m dying to get back to crafting and playing netball!

I entertained the idea of selling my brand new blades to my cousin, Colleen. But I am not sure I am willing to give up the idea of being a sun-drenched outdoorsy Californian girl just yet… not until I do some real damage 😉


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