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Post #83: The Sydney Swans are the 2012 AFL Premiers!

So the Swans won the flag. The WHOLE THING.
I’m bursting with pride.

2012 Premiers: The Sydney Swans.

[Source: Sydney Morning Herald]

As I mentioned last time, I was so nervous in the lead up to the game. It just felt like 2005 all over again.

Remember this? Leo Barry clinches it for the Swans in 2005.

[Source: Courier Mail]

2005: the benchmark year.

[Source: SMH]

It was a strange experience — I watched the game with the American and his mate — and spent half the time explaining the nuances of the game to the mate. To focus on the game and block out the conversation that was bouncing across the room during the final (stressful!) quarter, I donned my much-loved scarf as a head covering. I spoke to the universe and suddenly, it was over.  Sydney had won. We had done it again, only the second time in 78 years. And all of my winter family were at the MCG to revel in the triumph.

And for those who remain from of the 2005 team, two premiership medals makes life so much sweeter.

The second is just as sweet as the first.

[Source: ABC News]

And apologies for the tardiness in regaling to you the outcome. I was too busy celebrating!

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