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Currently obsessed with: reinventing furniture

This week’s current obsession is with reinventing furniture.

There’s a billion blogs dedicated to painting absolutely everything white and then distressing¬† it to make it appear as though you dug it out of a Beaujolais farmhouse. My current obsession is with painting everything white, but it’s the crisp whiteness of Scandinavian reinterpretation of mid-Century modern (MCM) furniture.

Revamping mid-Century modern classics

[Design*Sponge: Elien’s Desk]

I ADORE¬† this reworking by Elien in Belgium of an old desk that was featured on Design*Sponge. She has given it a new lease on life, yet stayed true to it’s original design of simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing. J’adore!

From tired and old, to hip and terriffic!

[Design*Sponge: Joanne’s Credenza]

And this credenza went from being dull and boring, to being imbued with a sense of Scandi chic. Love the practicality in the revamp: the wine rack is a great idea.

I’m on the hunt for my own MCM masterpiece to reinterpret!


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