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Six things I love

Six things I love:


I have been listening to my iPod on shuffle whilst working recently, and rediscovered her masterpiece ‘Wuthering Heights‘.  I just love how strange and interesting she is, and have been captivated by her dancing since I first saw THIS.


I have had the immense good fortune to meet this talented San Francisco designer and call her a friend. It’s amazing to see how professional she is, and how well run her crafty business is. She’s a real source of inspiration and advice for me.

Leslie at her Feisty Elle stall at Capsule SF

And I just cannot get enough of her Jade Teardrops right now! They’ve been my favourite for over a month.

3.  THXTHXTHX – a thank you note a day

Every now and again, I spend some time clicking on a bunch of links on other people’s blogs and see where I end up. And yesterday, I stumbled upon this Tumblr blog called THXTHXTHX.

Dear My Own Laziness...


I had to laugh, especially because I have  black garbage bag full of clothes to donate to the Salvos and they’ve been here at least six weeks now.


Tomorrow is Election Day here in sunny Northern California, and at sunset, my role is completed. We mobilised, had overwhelming support  and (most thankfully), we didn’t have any opposition materialise. It’s been a dream ride with a dream candidate.

So now, I am job hunting.

I have listed it as a ‘like’ because it’s a new opportunity for me to work elsewhere and see what can be achieved.  Although actual the process can be quite a drag, it’s interesting to dream about where this next phase in my life could take me. I have been afforded such a marvellous opportunities with the Campaign and I hope I can find something in the outside world that comes close…


I wouldn’t go so far as saying I have World Cup Fever, but I am getting excited about this event. It has been four years since I shed tears as I drove home over the heartbreaking loss to the Italians. So much has happened since  2006: I moved overseas, met the man of my dreams, travelled for a few more years, got hitched in Vegas and ended up moving to the Bay Area.  And now, the Socceroos are back at it.

We’ve been listening to the Guardian UK’s daily podcast about the daily happenings in South Africa in the lead up, bought the FIFA World Cup 2010 game for the PS3.  We’re trying to psych ourselves up as much as possible, but I think the real excitement will come on Friday at the opening game.

When it comes down to Soccer, J will always go for the English.   A few years back, it would have been sacrilegious to have barracked for another team (“I go for Australia, and whomever is playing the Italians”), but now, I’m not so sure it is as clear-cut for me. I don’t think this year’s Aussie team is as talented as the one from 2006.  Yet I presume I’ll barrack for them because you always want to see Aussie teams do well. Lord knows we’ve had enough defeats lately (poor Sam…).

I don’t feel anything for the US team (Landon  “Yawn” Donovan), yet I don’t feel much for the English or the Germans or < insert qualified team here >. But we’ll see what happens in a few days…


I have been really working hard over the past month to make things happen with The Rebecca Project.  I have been madly producing templates and creating new products for launch in my new Etsy shop. And we’re SO CLOSE to launch, I can feel the palpitations of the universe.

It would have been really great to have my new line available for the lead-up to the World Cup, but what can you do? You can’t rush creativity. I will have to kick my own butt for the laziness, however.

So keep your eyes on The Rebecca Project’s Etsy Shopfront for the grand opening! I’m excited!


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