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I love Miette, the P√Ętisserie &¬†Confiserie located in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. But for my inability to actually choose something so beautiful to and destroy it, I’ve only ever walked away with organic almonds from the Farmers Markets outside. Time to rectify that!

Beautifully decorated and stunningly presented sweet treats from Miette

[Source: Miette]{via simplesong}

One of my Life List goals is to make a cake/cupcakes from scratch and decorate them. And the beauty is that Miette offers baking classes! I doubt I have the attention span for the three week baking basics course, but I rekon I could handle three hours of making and decorating cookies

Nevertheless, one of my new Life List goals is to treat myself to something beautiful from Miette the next time I’m in the city. Hopefully that will be sooner, rather than later!

The Miette Scarffen Berger

[Source: Miette]

Miette Yellow Strawberry Cupcakes

[Source: Miette] {via Oh Happy Day}

Creative applications: cookies decorated like wallpaper

[Source: Miette] {via Design*Sponge}

Everything Miette makes is desireable...

[Source: Miette] {via Pretty Pretty}

Miette Vanilla Tomboy

[Source: Miette] {via Oh Happy Day}


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