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An Aussie in the City

I have been sadly non-communicative here for the past week and a half, and with good reason. For the American (to borrow a similar moniker from Amanda) and I have finally moved!  HURRAH!

We’re living right downtown in San Francisco: full of noise and energy and life. I love it! Even down to endless crazies on street corners accosting you for money. And by all our efforts, I have accomplished another item on my Life List:

  • Live in Downtown San Francisco


Hello, downtown!

We still have a few kinks to work out (there’s no counter space — none! And we’re making coffee on the floor), but nothing that can’t be solved  or rectified with strategic purchases over the forthcoming weeks.

But at the moment, it’s my little piece of heaven, even if I am sporting the most dreadful cold. Two blocks to Walgreen’s for drugs and I was sweating like a pig. Not good. Two days and counting. Fingers and toes it disappears in time for netball tomorrow! I am dying to go play…

More for you when I am feeling better. I will go rest and feel pretty proud of what we accomplished and went through to get here.



  1. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous of your apartment!
    I’ve always loved those SF buildings.
    Those SF windows and Paris windows are my most favourite in the world.
    I hope you and the American are enjoying your new life. We’ll be there in a month! (there as in same place in our life, not SF lol)

    • Thanks so much, Amanda! It’s amazing, being right in the middle of all the action in a city I fell in love with when I was 16.
      I adore the windows here, too. One day I hope I get to see those Parisian ones I’ve seen photos of 🙂
      It’s incredibly liberating to finally be in a space that’s ours, and I wish you all the best with you and your Canadian’s adventures in your new place, too. I hope you find one that’s perfect for you and that inspires you!

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