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No.61 — TICK!

I can actually tick number 61 off my Life List:

61. Gather the courage (despite my horrendous physical aversion to them since school) to try brightly coloured tights

After living one of the coolest summers in San Francisco, I bought some tights because I don’t imagine ever sweating again. Until today, but that’s another story (hello, Summer!).

I didn’t get a photo of the outfit myself, but managed to find this on Oh Joy. One of the lower photos shows my friend Leslie (she of Feisty Elle fame) getting her book signed (and the side of my head! My claim to fame!) at a book launch a week or two ago at the Candy Collective, out in the Mission.  It is notable because I wore blue tights! Shock! Horror!

And I had some of the most divine cupcakes!

[Source: Oh Joy!]

And the Cupcakes were SOOOOO GOOD! But I should really think about altering my style. I doubt it’s changed much since I was 15… but I do own a skirt now, so maybe I am getting somewhere.

So here’s another one for me:

70. Jump off a waterfall (just like Heather).

What’s on your Life List?


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