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Radvent 2010


Why don't you join me in Radvent 2010?

[Source: Princess Lasertron]

I’ve decided to join the Radvent 2010 movement, which was a concept created by one of my design heroes, Megan of Princess Lasertron.

It’s a blogging project leading up to Christmas and the New Year, serving as a discussion platform for various topics as well as for exploration and reflecting on my own growth up to this point.

I’m really looking forward to living up to the commitment to write more, and am curious to see where this adventure in blogging takes me.

The most magical time of the year

[Source: Princess Lasertron]


Anyhoo, after months of planning, my plans for Christmas are confirmed: I will be returning home to visit my family and friends in Sydney.


So instead of curling up by our imaginary fire, and wearing jackets and scarves and gloves when we head out into the cool San Francisco environment, I’ll be out and about in the Australian sun, waterskiing and kicking back in my parent’s new holiday house.

I haven’t been home in 18 months and I’m really starting to miss everyone. Sadly (primarily due to outrageous cost of airline tickets), The American won’t be able to join me for Chrissie with the fam this year. But he will be loved from afar and forward in time, and will enjoy Christmas with his family here, and I’ll be doing the same with mine, only 8,000 miles away.

Christmas, Aussie style

Sunshine and warm weather!

I have not seen my friends in so long, and am thankful that most of them are still there. Time and distance can make really cause a great divide between people, but the few close friends I still have in Sydney are ones where I can just pick up where I left off… and for that, I am so thankful!

Hello, cool Christmas feasts!

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone’s up to and I am looking forward to my favourite things about home to recharge my batteries: sunshine, soaking up the beautiful colours of the environment you can’t get anywhere else, good times with friends and family, and Twisties!

What are you looking forward to?


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