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Post #28: Paperwork…

Welcome to the twenty-eighth post of the Great Writing Challenge of 2012.
Five days a week for six months, I will be given a topic to write about. The stipulation: it must be 250 words (or more), and positive in tone.
If you would like to suggest topics for me to write about, please email me at TheRebeccaProject [at] gmail [dot] com.

It may not look like much to you, but this is how I’ve been spending my time lately. More immigration paperwork has to be filed tomorrow, accounting for the last two and half years.

I pride myself of having everything über-organized (even if it is at the 11th hour). Last time, I received kudos for my colour-coded tabs and practical arrangement of documents. And by george, I’m aiming for a gold star this time around!

It’s a lot of work, and I feel sad for the trees. But if it allows me to stay here and enjoy my American life, then so be it. I will make it up to you, Earth.

With gladness.

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