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Post #64: A Week in Photos

Post #64: A Week In Photos

I’ve said it before, and no doubt, I’ll be revisiting this again. I love using Instagram. I love how accessible it is, and love that it makes me think about composition and light and aspect. I love how it inspires me to look for beauty in moments that would otherwise appear mundane. Also, I love using the filters that harken back to the days of film. Plenty of love all around for this app.

So here’s a few moments from my week (I’ll be truthful — it’s more like weeks) as shared on Instagram.

Rose trellis entryway. Laurel Heights, SF.

The Canadian and I took a culinary adventure out in the Inner Richmond, and we enjoyed walking through Laurel Heights to get there. A beautiful part of the world, albeit a little pricey for my blood. Nevertheless, it’s fun to explore.

Dock water and algae. Alameda, CA.

I took up an offer from a friend to spend the day out on the Bay on her mate’s boat. How could I say no?

The Bay Bridge and downtown SF.

… and what a marvellous day it turned out to be! Life on a boat. I should be doing this more often.

Some beautiful Victorians. The Panhandle, SF.

We’ve taken some long walks to Golden Gate Park and back, exploring Nopa, the Panhandle, Inner Richmond, the Avenues, Lower Haight and Japantown. Even on days when I’m feeling grumpy, just being outside exploring new streets and admiring the distinctive architecture found in San Francisco perks me up.

A Victorian row. The Panhandle, SF.

Flying the Levis flag: a local take on planters. Fulton Street, SF.

We passed on home on Fulton Street that had a hilarious take on planters. The one with the kinked leg on the end made me laugh out loud. Love the sense of humour.

Specialty’s. Montgomery Street Station, SF.

Deep ponderings at the bakery on a Tuesday morning. Who IS Rebecca?

Happy 4th! Even my pancakes get the patriotic treatment!

Even my pancakes get the patriotic treatment on the 4th of July. We ate them and listened to the boom of fireworks outside on the bay (and from the guy who lives opposite dropping them out the window).

Wall art. Lake Merritt Station, Oakland, CA.

I see these interesting tiles on the wall of the station each day. Mint green, and in need of a good wash. I dig them.

Like? Love? Hmmm….

I bought these sick sneakers from Loehman’s the other day. They’re comfy as hell, but the jury’s still out. I think they’re a little too flashy for me, My current Pumas don’t have laces. And I am lazy…

Typeface love. Near Aquatic Park, SF.

San Francisco is full of artists and designers, and people really care about typefaces. Anywhere else that may come across as wanky, but not here. It’s completely legit. Yet another reason I love it here. {group hug!}

A rare sunny summer day in San Francisco.

And last weekend, I was able to take a short break from my campaign work to get out in the warm sunshine on a rare fog-free Sunday in the city. It didn’t last too long, but long enough to enjoy. You can see the fog making an entrance over near Coit Tower on the right…

Photo Bomb

Do you use Instagram? I’d love to see the beautiful moments of your life. Follow me at @TheRebeccaProject.


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