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Post #75: Walking California

Post #75: Walking California.

I love picking streets for our regular urban hikes and seeing where they take us. Today, the American and I picked California. We are well versed in what California looks like on Nob Hill, so we joined California at Polk and headed toward the ocean.

Walking up California Street.

Storybook houses.

I would feel like a movie star if I were living there. Good type can do that.

Ornate Victorian ladies.

One of my favourite apartment buildings in the city. California at Laguna.

Hidden ladybugs!

A beautiful attic apartment.

Flowering viney things. Very San Francisco.

We traversed California through the other side of Nob Hill, Pacific Heights/Lower Pac Heights, Laurel Heights and the Inner Richmond. California is a great street — certainly more interesting than Geary — with surprisingly diverse architecture. There’s the ubiquitous Victorian terraces, art deco apartment buildings and concrete blobs from the 1970s. There’s even some ranch-style structures that would be more at home in the East Bay, but I admired their chutzpah.

I’ve heard good things about Pizzeria Delfina. It’s on my list.

Love the signs around this city.

Yarnbombed bike stand outside the Jewish Center.

Sutro Tower before @KarlTheFog gobbled him up.

One of my favourite coffee shops in The City. It has no name, but you can find on California at 8th Avenue. I dug their lattes and laid back Avenues vibe.

Recently, I bought new shoes. I have been wearing them in, and today I decided it would be great to take them walking. Not the best idea. Two rather large blisters, a horrendous #1 Muni ride home and an unhappy Bec. But if I didn’t have blistered heels and have to wimp out and catch the bus home, then we wouldn’t have seen this:

Oh-oh! No one’s getting to the airport anytime soon. Accident on California at Powell.

The wheel even came to rest in the basement window well. Great work!

Capturing it for posterity. And Instagram.

That’s about as exciting as it gets on Nob Hill. Runaway vans!

How did you spend your Saturday?


  1. There are some beautiful houses on California. I will have to remember this for my next trip into the City.

    I went to a class this morning and then went to a Marine commissioning ceremony. A good day.

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