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Visit San Francisco!

Are you going to be visiting San Francisco in the near future?
Moving here?
Lived here for the last century?

If so, you’ll need to read my list of the top 11 things you need to see if you find yourself in San Francisco for any length of time.

And a tip from the expert: no matter the time of year, BRING A JACKET!
Trust me. You’ll need it.

The iconic San Francisco skyline

Want to know about the downtown San Francisco and fascinating tidbits of information you won’t be able to find on any tour of The City? Watch this short film the American and I made called ‘The Skyscrapers of San Francisco’.

The best way to see San Francisco

The best way to see the city is on foot. See Walking California Street for a great roundup of the inner city neighbourhoods along California Street from the CBD to the Inner Richmond.

Here’s a quick guide for a bunch of really cool stuff you can do in a day around San Francisco from Time Travel and San Francisco Travel’s Top 7 Things to Do in SF.

Tight Arse?
Or a traveler on a budget?

Are you in town and can’t/are not willing to spend an arm and a leg? Check out what’s free (or cheap) happening around San Francisco and the East Bay at the site¬† Fun Cheap SF.

Moving to San Francisco?

Start here:  a sweeping (and hilariously correct) generalization of San Francisco neighborhoods.

The fog is a living, breathing entity in The City.

And when you get here, you’ll also find out fast that you need to know where you can satisfy your cravings for Aussie/British/Antipodean food in the Bay Area.

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