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Post #69: A Day on the Bay

Post #69: A Day on the Bay

A few weeks back, a fellow Aussie who happens to live in my building (small world!) invited me to come sailing with her and her friends. How could I possibly refuse an invitation like that?

We made our way to the marina in Alameda, and met up with the group that was ready to spend the afternoon deep in interesting conversation, good food and wonderful weather. I was ready to hoist and winch and pull, but turned out it was less sailing than boating. But in the scheme of things, it didn’t matter. Sometimes it’s lovely to be driven around and I can put my feet up and enjoy the experience.

How the other half lives.

On board, we were a rather international bunch: Two Aussies, one from Tahiti, Iran, France, Spain, the US and the list goes on. We had all sorts of things in common and it was great to throw myself into a new situation with people I’d never met before. Each person on that boat was a stand up character. The whole day was charmed.

The Bay Bridge is underrated.

I took far too many photos, but is there ever a time when taking too many is a bad thing?

Great adventures with quality people.

The Port of Oakland: up close and personal.

So many thanks to the Aussie for the invite (she’s one of the best connectors I’ve ever met!), the Tahitian for being such a gracious host, and the rest for being themselves and sharing time with me.

The Bay never fails to take my breath away.

PS: I’ve been fiddling around with PhotoShop lately, and would like to thank PuglyPixel for her photo templates. Still very much learning how to use it all, but what do you think? A better way to display photos?


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