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Post #45: I Love Trader Joe’s!

Where the American and I live in San Francisco, it’s much easier to buy a Coach handbag than it is to buy groceries. And in most of the cities we have lived in, we’ve lived downtown. Buying groceries was never a problem, because there were plenty of supermarkets in the downtown area to supply the urban crowd. Even in provincial Ireland. But that’s not the case in San Francisco, and is the biggest drawback to living where we do. [Source: Trader Joe’s] Most of our shopping is done at the local Walgreen’s or independent markets/corner shops. We have a mini-Safeway about a mile down the hill, and had a ridiculously expensive independent supermarket about ten blocks away up the hill until recently. Cala Foods closed for good over the New Year period, and in June, Trader Joe’s will be opening up in its place. HURRAH! In the hierarchy of local supermarkets in the Bay Area, I’d rate Trader Joe’s well above average. Some say it’s very yuppie, but it’s no Whole Foods. Shopping at Whole …

Mary Ruffle is no more?

Whoa! ‘It’s Mary Ruffle’, one of my favourite Tumblr blogs, has up and disappeared. Talk about disappointed. Nevertheless, a tonne of ‘It’s Mary Ruffle’ content has been pinned on Pinterest, which works much like a virtual corkboard for (generally attributable) inspiration, so I’m not totally without. Which is great, because lately I’ve been gravitating to images of summer fruits and flowers (of which there’s plenty pinned). I’m excited to see where the season takes us — it’s going to be mid 20s tomorrow! Whoa! Excited! [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] Did I say I was excited for summer and the proliferation of beautiful Californian fruit? Yep.