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Mary Ruffle is no more?

Whoa! ‘It’s Mary Ruffle’, one of my favourite Tumblr blogs, has up and disappeared. Talk about disappointed.

Nevertheless, a tonne of ‘It’s Mary Ruffle’ content has been pinned on Pinterest, which works much like a virtual corkboard for (generally attributable) inspiration, so I’m not totally without. Which is great, because lately I’ve been gravitating to images of summer fruits and flowers (of which there’s plenty pinned). I’m excited to see where the season takes us — it’s going to be mid 20s tomorrow! Whoa! Excited!

[Source: Pinterest]

[Source: Pinterest]

[Source: Pinterest]

[Source: Pinterest]

[Source: Pinterest]

[Source: Pinterest]

[Source: Pinterest]

[Source: Pinterest]

Did I say I was excited for summer and the proliferation of beautiful Californian fruit? Yep.


  1. Thanks for the head’s up! I was thinking maybe it was just something on my end, but It’s Mary Ruffle hasn’t been working for me for months. Like you, I’m sad that the site is no more – it was one of my favorite tumblrs.

    • I haven’t checked in a while, but I always loved ploughing through the photos and seeing things that really resonated with me, and (more importantly) inspired me.

      Have you found anything else similar in your blog-travels?

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