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Moments of bliss

My life has moments of bliss, but today, however, I am not feeling as blissful as I usually do, as I should.

I have obligations to attend to, and I am just not ‘feeling it’. Days like this happen no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing. So I cancelled the plans I had in the morning and have been doing the things that make me content. But now the time has come to suck it up and uphold the obligation.

I imagine I’ll have a good time when there, but I’d just rather sit here on my new couch, in my clean home, with the sun awakening my skin. Lately, it’s a rare phenomenon to have silence and the company of just myself in our little box in the sky. I have enjoyed it whilst it lasted, nevertheless. And I just ate a Cherry Ripe, so all will be okay in the world.

Moments of bliss;

  • The smell of fresh bread and bagels baking in the morning on my way to work
  • The sunshine on my skin
  • Buying myself flowers from the market on Saturday and admiring their fleeting beauty over the course of the weekend
  • A clean, (almost) decluttered space
  • Watching the puppies play in the park, and listening to the intricate sounds of the Grace Cathedral bells

    Finding the pretty in the everyday.

    What are you loving about life at the moment?

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