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Link love

Upon doing my weekly catch-up of blogs, I stumbled across this on A Cup of Jo. The American and I laughed our butt off over this, because it’s spot on.

How Women See Colour v How Men See Colour

How women see colour v how men see colour

[Source: +GoldRush+, via A Cup of Jo]

In other blog love, I am IN LOVE with these images from artist Howard Schatz. I have always adored anything that’s ballet-inspired, and these underwater studies are unbelievable. The bloke’s a genius.

Colour palette of ladies

[Source: Howard Schatz via Thoughtful Day]

Beauty personified

[Source: Howard Schatz]

And you know when something makes it to Jeopardy, there’s no denying its existence. We were happy being ostriches about a certain reality TV show, but apparently, you need to at least know who the characters in Jersey Shore are in order to answer questions. So we watched some.

It. Was. The. Most. Horrendous. Show. I. Have. Ever. Seen. And I agree with this sentiment completely:

I hate the Jersey Shore. And you can quote me on that.

[Source: Abby Sharp via The Daily Dawdle]

It’s sad. I can never get those minutes back…

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