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Wednesday inspiration

A friend of ours has just taken off for South East Asia and that has me thinking of the glorious months we spent backpacking around South East Asia a few years ago…

I desperately want to return, find a deserted, perfect beach in Thailand, watch the days pass from the beach or the porch of my bungalow, sipping fresh fruit shakes, eating pad thai and happy cow cheese rolls, wandering local markets, listening to music I wouldn’t normally (Why, HELLO, Jack Johnson), losing myself in books, letting my body relax and my mind wander…

On Hat Kata, Thailand

OH! To be back in South East Asia right now … I could use the rest and the inspiration, and I’d say The American would probably lie motionless for the good part of a month there after all the two-and-a-half months summer camps he has been doing.

Land of the Fruit Shakes, and Banana Pancakes...

Maybe we’ll treat ourselves for Christmas…

The colours are more real than real

What places have you already visited that you’d return to in a heartbeat?



  1. I will go back to New Zealand at any time, I just love that place. Although I think holidays can trick you, you think you want to live there but if you did you’d have to get a job and pay bills.

    • I loved NZ too!
      The downside was finding a job in a small town is rather difficult, and their summer was the equivalent of a Sydney winter, but I loved the people and loved the environment.
      Next time I would love to go live off the grid…

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