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Summer arrives/arrived in SF!

I am just so busy and feel like I have been neglecting certain aspects of my life that are necessary for keeping me balanced.  Yet I suppose it’s better to be busy than bored!

One of my favourite part of the day is coming home (even though I work from home, mostly) and sitting down to read my daily blogs whilst I listen to music. I love the quiet time, stumbling upon that which inspires me, stretches my thinking,  makes my spirit soar.  I use my creativity in all aspects of my life  (everything from decision making to cooking to mapping out my transportation to my hilariously witty banter) and really notice how things change when I don’t have an opportunity to fully explore it.

And whilst I have been so frantic, summer rolled into town! For two days, the city was a windless low 30s C/high 80s F, and the city just about melted…

We have spent the entire summer in jeans, jumpers and scarves. It was a lovely change for a day or so, then the wind and fog blew in, and that was the end of it.  Locals say September and October are the months when the fog is not as omnipresent and starts to heat up as soon as the kids start back at school. So I’ve decided to reserve my judgement on the SF summer until Halloween.

Really digging this new song I found from Jens:

Here’s hoping life slows down a little and I can enjoy some ‘me’ time soon!


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