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Meet our latest addition: Buster Posey

My life over the past two months since Jorge Posada (the iPod) karked it, has been so… silent. I have really missed music in my life.

The new iPod Nano

[Source: Pickgadget]

So today, I went down to the Apple Shop here in downtown San Francisco out and splurged on a new iPod. Meet the  latest addition to our technological family: Buster Posey.

I love to collect names, and baseballers have some of the best names around (and did you know there was actually a baseballer with the named “Rusty Kuntz”? True story!). Buster Posey is a new hot pink 16GB iPod Nano (named after the new Giants catcher), and he joins Jorge Posada (a 30GB iPod Classic d.2010) and Coco Crisp, a silver 1GB shuffle… they all live here with us and James’ 80GB iPod Classic called White Poppy Sunshine in true Californian neo-hippy tradition.

I don’t quite have the attachment to Buster yet that I had to Jorge, but such things take time.

It’s been years since I have had to build my digital music collection from scratch. And now with just under 16GB, I don’t have the space to dedicate to crappy songs I always skip. I plan on being ruthless.

The death of Jorge P. liberated me from my entire collection — but where to start when building a new music collection from scratch?

1. ALWAYS start with The Beatles

If you only have one rule, make it that one.

We’ve been enjoying the remastered reissues from last year with James’ new headphones, and switch the ears around during the song for a completely different experience.  Kick your shoes off and sing out loud. Even 50 years later, they’re the bomb.

2. Add everything Belle and Sebastian have ever recorded

They’re finally touring again! And they’ll be here in San Francisco next month! These guys are the real deal. I love them.

3. And Jens Lekman

I first saw him what feels like a decade ago, at the Hopetoun Hotel in Sydney, June 2005. Nothing can’t beat that gig — the first time he ever performed ‘Your Arms Around Me’. Kudos to Erin for the introduction.

4. Then add the ‘working’ music

Some classical (Hello YoYo Ma!), some instrumental (Hello Zoe Keating! Julia Kent!), some world music, some meditation — all the stuff that lacks words to sing along to. I’m easily distracted.

5. Add some old (but good) stuff

Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Denver, The Beach Boys

6. Include some Manu Chao

Because he’ll be passing through here the same week as B&S and we’re pumped…

7. Add some stuff I’ve never had on my iPod before

Maybe some Morissey, …?

If you had to start your music collecting from scratch, what would you be certain to include? What new music are you really getting into at the moment?



  1. Haha, I saw your link on Facebook, and then I’m mentioned! Huzzah!
    Can I offer my latest, greatest recommendations?

    – the newest Cloud Control album is just awesome. Aussie pride! Definitely worth a listen.

    – I never tire of Frightened Rabbit. It’s a bit dark, but there’s something wonderfully compelling about bitter, profane Scottsmen.

    – Total aside, but have you seen the Sally Seltmann Harmony for the Heartbeat (also an excellent song) video with Jens in it?

  2. I like to name my things after the first letter of what they are. I have Larry the Laptop, Kevin the Kindle, Ivan the iPod etc.

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