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Post #78: Eat Good, Feel Better, Do Best

Post #78: Eat Good, Feel Better, Do Best.

There’s so much to say, and yet the words are not so easy to come by of late. I am trying to find my mojo again, and I hope you understand. Sometimes, I just try too hard. Maybe less is more for me right now. Or I should take one of the Mental Pod’s surveys and try to locate it again…

So I stepped away from the computer for a few hours to spend the afternoon with the Canadian, enjoying great conversation and food. The usual. She’s the right amount of engaging and supportive and I really enjoy our girls days out. Today, we focused our eating efforts on the Inner Sunset.

Healthy food, healthy you! SF Natural Grocery keeping it real.

We both had a hankering for breakfast for lunch, so we hit up a greasy spoon along the main drag. I was so hungry, I don’t even remember looking away from my plate of eggs and pancakes until I was finished! I’m all class.

No tea, only coffee at the greasy spoon. Inner Sunset, SF.

Loving the light.

Chinese donuts. The shared vice of the Canadian and her Aussie sidekick. At the Eastern Bakery, in Chinatown, SF.

Sadly, we were too busy catching up to take many photos. But we finished up back in Chinatown for the doughy goodness of a Chinese Donut and a stroll through Loehmann’s.

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