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Caught in a hailstorm in Sydney

I have been home for a week and a bit now. It was such a rush packing up our apartment, I’ve only just started winding down. Acclimatising to the Sydney weather and time has also taken some time.

We spent yesterday in the city wandering around and were caught out in a rather violent storm. We sought refuge under the Pyrmont Bridge, and watched the storm unleash its fury. Torrential rain, whipping winds, hail, lightning strikes, rolling thunder.

The storm blows in from the south-west.

The dark, brooding sky.

Hail bounces down the steps toward us.

There’s somethings cleansing, renewing about a big storm. It washes everything away so you can start afresh.

Renewed, refreshed.

I’m enjoying being back here.




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  1. I like this area of Sydney. I can just imagine the people scattering as the storm hits. One thing I miss living in the Bay Area is the big summer storms that we had in the Midwest.

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