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Greetings from Singapore

Wish you were here!

As expected, it’s hot and humid in Singapore. It’s my second visit to the small island nation (well, third if you count three hours spent in Changi waiting for a connecting flight to London). But I am glad to be back. I’d forgotten what this place feels like: sweat, heat, the fragrance of tropical flowers, hot exhausts of the buses, bread with surprises in the middle, ice-cold water from 7-eleven, the British English spoken in announcements on the MTR train system.

The first few days in South East Asia are always the toughest as your body acclimatises, and today’s been no exception. After spending a five or so hours wandering around downtown to capture shots for the forthcoming Skyscrapers of Singapore video, we’re totally fried. The American just asked me, “What time is it acceptable to go eat dinner then come back and go to sleep?”. It’s just that kind of day, folks.

So here’s a few photos from today’s adventures in Singapore.  You can find me on Instagram as The Rebecca Project.


  1. When I was last in Singapore the casino was in the foundation stage. I need to go back and see the completed building. I am sure it is an experience to see them.

    • It sure is! You can head to the viewing platform at the top of the towers and go swimming. It’s pricey, but friends tell me it’s worth the money just to experience it. I hope to do it when I head back to Singapore in a few months time. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hullo, fellow blogger. Homesick and Heatstruck has just been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and I am now sharing the love… I think your blog is inspiring, well written and thoroughly worth reading, so I have nominated you for the award too: consider yourself a Very Inspiring Blogger! There. Well done. If you would like to accept the award, click on the following link to read the rules and the post in which you are listed: Of course, you don’t have to do anything at all if you don’t want to. No one can make you. Cheerio, and congratulations for receiving the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Keep up the bloody good blogging.

    • Wow! Thank you so much — it’s such an honor.
      Thanks for the encouragement. It’s so nice to hear that people like what I write. Stay tuned for a reply post, and thanks for the nod!

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