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Notes on an Engagement

Tonight, two of the greatest people in the world stood up in front of their friends and family and formally announced their commitment to each other. There were fancy cocktails, jugs of Pimms and Mediterranean antipasto plates. Dresses, gravity defying hairdos, half-dancing and big hugs. It was a night to celebrate love and the momentous decision of forever. And it could not have been more perfect.

Friends from all of the various circles the happy couple runs in were represented, including some teammates from the days of UNSW softball. Being back with them, calling them by their softball-specific nicknames, and reliving old Australian Unigames adventures was so energising. It felt as though we were speaking our own language. I barely made it around the people I knew before I called it a night.

Over the years, I’d shared a good amount of time with both families after crashing on their couches. It was touching to hear both fathers reveal their softer sides, and how welcoming they are of the official alliance between the Harris’ and the Hodges. Mums Hodge and Harris baked phenomenal cupcakes for the occasion and were great conversationalists.


“If you gamble everything for love, you’re gonna be alright.
– Ben Lee

As I drove home, I couldn’t help think about how surreptitious life can be. These two independent women were once unknown to each other. But they took a gamble and said yes to love, yes to the adventure. And I’m so pleased they did! It has taken them all over the world, through multiple degrees, new jobs, saving for an apartment, the purchase of valuable Sydney property, the renovation of said apartment, and to adopting an adorable Corgi mix, Dudley.

For over a decade, these ladies have been such an important part of my life, and are still very special to me. They’re the type of friends I can go years without seeing (being that we live on entirely different continents) but we kick off exactly where we left off. No need for explanations or side notes. Now that’s a good ol’ fashioned friendship.

Seeing them together makes me smile. My heart filled with joy when I heard the question had been popped and that the recipient said yes. Their love is tender, respectful, honest, elevating. They treat each other with kindness and are not afraid to disagree. They complement each other perfectly. So it was marvellous to see the overflowing goodwill towards them tonight.

There’s something special about making it ‘official’. And I can’t wait to see how the next phase will play out for them.

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  1. Great post. There is indeed something great about making it official, especially with all your loved ones surrounding you. Good luck to your friends!

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