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The Creative Catalyst

For me, creativity doesn’t work like that — something you can flip on with a switch. My creativity needs external input and action and laughter and sadness and elation and moments of brevity. Maybe that’s what it is I seek when I travel: Moments of magic, moments like this.

Taking Time Out to Enjoy the Small Victories

And sometimes, you just want to preserve the little moments of joy, to bottle them up, label them and say, “Remember when that happened? That was so awesome!”. Little victories like that don’t come along often, so it’s important to appreciate them when they do.

Post #86: Packing Up My Life (Again)

We have only a handful of days left in the apartment, and in the city, and I feel the ticking of time with each passing day. I have a mountain of stuff to discard, and I was quickly disheartened and overwhelmed. I thought about burying my head under the pillows and enjoying the weekend, but we just got right to it.