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Taking Time Out to Enjoy the Small Victories

Earlier in the week, I posted about our new short film called ‘Neon San Francisco: the N Judah’.  And it’s outdone all of our (rather modest) expectations. We’ve been so fortunate to enjoy a spot on the front page of the SF Weekly, numerous high-profile mentions on Twitter (including from the @SFMTA_Muni, the Director of Transportation for SF @EdReiskin, and Lonely Planet US @LPUSAstaff), and tonight, we made it to the San Francisco page of the Huffington Post! Woot woot!

...and then we made it to the Huff Po SF!

…and then we made it to the Huff Po SF!

Anytime you create something, you let it out into the world and hope that others get as much from it as you did making it. I believe art is supposed to be appreciated, discussed and enjoyed. And seeing how popular our little film has been for people all over this fair city of San Francisco (and beyond) really warms my heart. I love this city.

And sometimes, you just want to preserve the little moments of joy, to bottle them up, label them and say, “Remember when that happened? That was so awesome!”. I want to be able to look back on screen grabs and snippets from moments when we were high-fiving each other in excitement, and giggling with incredulity. Little victories like that don’t come along often, so it’s important to appreciate them when they do.

We’re charting our own paths in the world, one that is outside of modern 9am-5pm (or the American 8am-always/forever) conventions. Our creative endeavours, like this blog and our lives, are a work in progress. I am taking these little wins and enjoying it for a little bit. Just living in the moment.

Take a peek at our short film about the N Judah muni line here.

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