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Post #55: A Day in Pictures

Today, I decided to take the day off.  Along with the American and his mate, we all watched the Euro 2012 games. Afterwards, we set out to wander around the city with the aim to have a picnic in the Marina.  The day off was much deserved and enjoyed.

Post #55: A Day in Pictures.

Sometimes I forget just how beautiful San Francisco is. All you have to do is just step outside. It was invigorating to spend the day outside exploring, appreciating the beautiful architecture and natural environment of the area.

In stark contrast to the rest of the Bay Area, June and July in The City seems to genuinely be the coldest months of the whole year. And today was your typical San Francisco summer day.  We wore our winter jackets, and sipped our bowls of coffee in North Beach to warm up.

Here’s a selection of what we saw along the way.

How was your Monday?

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