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Photo Post: The Start of Summer in San Francisco

You know the feeling when you suddenly feel inspiration all around you? Everywhere I turn, it’s beautiful, engaging, inspiring. The taste of bing cherries, the smell of salt on the bay air, the glorious sunsets, the graffiti etched into library desks. It’s as though I have been asleep for weeks.


1: We don’t often take the time in our lives to fully appreciate the changing of the seasons, so at the start of the month, we ushered in summer with a chilled Pyramid Hefeweisen with a slice of orange.

 2: I am at the library most days of the week. I snapped this on a quiet evening — I love it when no one else is around.

IMG_6256a IMG_6258a3 and 4:  I am loving the long, summer days. On my way home, I listen to my music, let my mind wander and appreciate the sunset.

IMG_6279a5: So much of summertime in The City is usually foggy and cold, but last week was just perfect. I took a day off to walk the city with The American, gathering footage for his next project. This is a picture of one of my favourite spots — Duboce Park. The dog watching is second to none.

IMG_6275a6:  I adore San Francisco architecture and I’m forever saying that! I’d love to set up a reading nook in this window.

IMG_6296a7: Spotted this good lookin’ victorian number along Haight, opposite Buena Vista Park.

IMG_6304a8: I fell in love with this apartment building in Ashbury Heights.

IMG_6335a9: On corners in San Francisco, the street name is stamped into the pavement.

IMG_6343a10: I love this sign. As found in a community garden in the Ashbury Heights/Haight Ashbury neighbourhood.

IMG_6345a11: Graffiti on a fence in the Lower Haight.

IMG_6346a12: The afternoon sun on the Ferry Building.

IMG_6363a13: A snapshot of the city from the ferry home.

IMG_6233a14: And my friend, Germany-based Aussie Liv Hambrett released her long-awaited anthology, Sincere Forms of Flattery, through her company O&S Publishing a few weeks ago. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it. It’s so great to see someone doing something different. You can purchase the eBook here.

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