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Randomly Running Into Famous People? Check!

I’d seen a handful of famous folks in San Francisco (most of whom I have forgotten), but I hadn’t seen anyone I ‘knew’ in Chicago. Until Saturday.



The setting? Target, in between the netball grand final and the playoff for 3rd. My teammate Claire and I took advantage of the break to duck next door and grab some trail mix to snack on for the final. As we headed to the register, someone I recognised walked in the doors.

And so what do you do when you know someone? You wave. So I waved. He smiled his trademark sheepish grin, and then I worked out where I knew him from. From TV. It was actor David Eisenberg, known to women across the globe as Steve Brady from ‘Sex & the City’. 

Oh, Bec! 

I wish I could say that I played it cool, but you wouldn’t believe it because that’s just not me. But I’ve done far more mortifying things in the presence of notable people, so I shrugged it off, and paid for my trail mix. Then Claire and I returned to the Windy City Fieldhouse.

It makes sense I’d see Eisenberg around the traps here: he’s part of the cast of the NBC series ‘Chicago Fire’ that is set and filmed in the city. But I think it’s rather funny how many times I’ve done things like that.


  1. M. always makes fun of me for being excited about meeting “TV people” even if Austrian celebs do not measure very high on the celebometer, I get interested.
    Seeing David Eigenberg … i wouldnt be able to wave. I’d just stare… so i think waving is much more relaxed for the celeb involved.

  2. Ahaha I did this to Chris Noth on a plane once. He was waiting for the toilet, I looked up and waved. And then realised it was Mr Big, not someone I randomly knew from home. Mortifying.

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