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A Very Visual Christmas

At the crack of sparrows on Christmas morning, we were up, showered and breakfasted for our early journey to the northern Chicago suburbs early to celebrate with the American’s family.

IMG_0569a IMG_0574a IMG_0582a


IMG_0614a IMG_0634a IMG_0635a

IMG_0643a IMG_0678a IMG_0679a

After sledding, we returned back to the house to warm up, take a closer look at the Christmas pressies and set about making Christmas cards for the people we’d be enjoying Christmas dinner with in Oak Park.

We headed over to Oak Park and enjoyed cheese, iced tea and good conversation by an open fire. I bonded with their black lab called Pilot, playing fetch with him out in the snow until I couldn’t feel my hand.

IMG_0689a IMG_0698a

Aaaaand then I promptly forgot my backpack there that contained my wallet and house keys. So aside from the frantic ending (and $25 to have the building manager unlock our apartment door), it was a good day.

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