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Three Things #3

#1: I am almost finished the classes I’ve been taking. I’m almost there, almost done. Almost. Seeing my dwindling ‘to do’ list is empowering. 

I’ve been on a self-imposed exile whilst I’ve been attending to this. It’s the only way I’ve been able to get the shit done. The highlights of my weeks are going for a run around the neighbourhood every few days, and to the supermarket once a week. Simple (and rather monotonous), but it’s keeping me accountable. 


I can’t wait to have my days back, my nights. I have made a list of all the things I want to do when I finish up, and naturally, all at once!  Taking pottery classes, getting a tarot card reading, riding my bike to the airport and watching every Wes Anderson film in order before his new film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ is previewed at the Dendy at the end of March.  

I’ll be celebrating wrapping things up by seeing some comedy this Friday night. I was lucky enough to score some tickets to see Wil Anderson work on some new material and next week, I’m off to see Darren Hanlon (finally! It’s been far too long) in one his small, intimate shows. It’s what’s getting me through these last few days.

And just know that if I owe you an email, you’ll be hearing from me after I’ve had a big, long sleep!

#2: Dear Kate is an example of the type of female-run business I love to support. The woman behind the brand, Julie, is a chemical engineer, and she’s come up with a product that will reinvent the way you look at undies. They’re made from specially designed fabric that’s machine washable, stain resistant and take care of any unexpected overflow from your period. What a great idea!


They’re not cheap, but they sound like they’re worth it.



#3: Digging the French pop of Yelle and Coeur de Pirate right now.

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