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Back in California

Little has changed in the Bay Area since I’d been gone — aside from rents that have increased exponentially, something everyone complains about on a daily basis here. And really, the rents are ridiculous.

Getting settled always takes longer than anticipated. But I knew what to expect.

I’ve taken plenty of walks, shot plenty of time lapse down by the bay. Started my new job. Mapped out the new projects for 2015. Taken a roadtrip up the coast. Reconnected with old friends. Started to catch up on the overdue obligations. It’s a interesting time.

It’s still home.
One of my homes.
And it’s nice to be back.








  1. Hey Rebecca, thank you for this blog post. I just got back three weeks ago after living abroad for some years. Some first impressions for me were seeing big four-door trucks seemingly everywhere, noticing that there were hardly any pedestrians on the sidewalks & being reminded of actually what a rich mix of cultures we have here in the Bay Area.

  2. Hello rebecca , your photos are beautiful. Wow i didnt know rents are very high there. California is actually the place i considered of moving after 8 years. Im currently in Colorado now. Visiting
    LA on june and probably sacramento. I know there are many filipinos in San francisco so i thought its better to be around the area because theres more selection in food.

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    thank you for sharing this beautiful blog post. I lived in San Francisco before and I am planning on moving back there. I can’t really imagine the feeling, but I am excited.

    Love your blog!

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