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Freshening Up

For a long time, this space has needed a makeover. And not just a cosmetic one. A down to the bones type one.

For a while, it hasn’t felt as welcoming or as inclusive of me with a person of ever evolving opinions and tastes, and that’s because I was afraid of saying what I really thought. Why? Because like every evolving human, I change my mind. And in this new online world, your thoughts on subjects from when you were younger and far less experienced are there, searchable, for all to see. That makes me uncomfortable. But is it the perception of being labelled a hypocrite? Perhaps it is that, in part. But perhaps it’s also about the unseen, unenunciated labels I have placed on myself and the categories I have put myself in. I’m not what I once was.

I want to keep writing, but I also want to showcase more than just my thoughts and opinions on living a life in a different country. I want for The Rebecca Project to be a space that reflects more than just expat issues. I want to share more of my varied interests. And I want it to still be a space for me to evolve and develop as a human.

Quote Andy Warhol

From my window, I watch the big, puffy clouds roll in over the bay. They’re ever-changing, evolving, too. The deciduous trees are starting to gain their first few green buds. The air is still crisp (for the Bay Area). So this is a spring clean, of sorts — both internally and externally. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.



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